Monday, March 30, 2009

Pure Random Thought

This blog posting is whatever is going through my head right some words may come out misspelled, and i will not be doing a spell check. there may also be words not capitalized, which onece again, i will not go back and fix. THis is just my thoughts coming out of my head. wow, these guys on tv can really play the violin. i've always thought it would be cool to bplay the violin, but our school never offered a program like that. i think every child, every person should have music in their lives. i can't believe some schools are cutting back on their music and art departments. our children need to be creative, need to express their own indivduality, they need to have means of doing all that. my son wants to be an artist. we take him to museums, and he loves them. he looks at all the art work in awe, hell, he has to check out each and everyone. we ask him waht he is going to draw, and he says "i don't know yet." I can't wait until he comes up with something. all his little drawing I try to keep. he's realizing that being an artist can mean designing a building, carving a duck out of wood, using mixed media to create an work of art that he may only understand but still loved by the public. And both my kids LOVE music. the love singing along, dancing along, creating their own. I am so impressed how much rhythem they have. and some of their dancing moves surprise me. my son can move, well for a six year old. and my little girl, yep she's has some mad dancing skills too. it funny because both my kids want to playthe drums. my son, for a while, refused to wear anythign witha guitar on it. It HAD to be drums. His Nana just bought him a shirt with guitars on it. He likes it, but he also was a tad bit disappointed their wasn't a picture of a drum set. you konw, noggin--a kid's channel for those of you who aren't forced to watch mindless children shows for hours--is actually not so bad. speaking of noggin, when you say noggin to one of my kids, they are going to bump noggins with you. Yep, Finding Nemo is another favorite in this household. oh that's something else. it's fun to explain to my son he can draw and create cartoons too. i am so impressed sometimes on how much he really does love learning. okay, well enough randomness. seiorously this was written as I think it. And now I am thinking that it istime to sleep. Pershaps my blog posts will be more structured, more grammactically correct, etc. perhaps not. they are my words.

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