Monday, August 24, 2009

Do you smell bacon?

I'm driving down the street, stop briefly at a crosswalk to let a pedestrian go by, and notice the MP parked in the median. I look at my speedometer and think, "hey, I'm actually going speed limit (15mph)," and watch two cars in front of me speed away. I check out my rearview mirror noticing police lights. I am pulled over. Why? I had no idea at the time. The SPC approaches my car, asks for my license, military ID, and my insurance. Our conversation: Why am I being pulled over? I need your license and ID. Why did I get pulled over? Ma'am, I need your license and ID. I get it, but can you tell me why I was pulled over. Once you give me your license and ID, I'll tell you. (so I hand him over what he is asking for) You were speeding. Then he walks off.

What the fuck? I was speeding? Seriously? There was NO way I was speeding. I am completely in shock. First off, I just stopped at the crosswalk, and there is no way that my vehicle can reach a speed considered speeding in such a short amount of time. Second, my speedometer is three mph off, so that would mean I would have to have been going 26 in a 15! Third, there were two other cars speeding away in front of me.

So, he walks back to my car, starts explaining to me what I have to do while looking at the paper. So, I ask him why can't he look at me in the eyes when he talks to me--yep, I did. He says something along the line of I am reading the paper to you. Wow, does he really not know what that ticket says? By the way, the whole time he has his sunglasses on--mind you it is NOT sunny outside but in fact quite cloudy. Anyway, I mention the other cars in front of me and how I had just stopped and there was no way I could have accelerated to the speed he was accusing me of. He tells me I can contest it in court, and have a nice day. Then walks away.

I can truly tell you that I was not speeding. It is a school zone! I am a stickler for school zones. I know not to speed. I know MPs are parked throughout. I know that my speedometer read 15. I am not that stupid to speed up in front of a fucking MP. I am so pissed about the ticket. I will definitely be in court in December fighting this ticket.  Damn pigs.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Such is my life

What am I to do? School starts next Wednesday for the kids, and I will be alone. Silence in the house. No more cartoons. I am going to miss D and J being around. And then comes the really scary part. I have to start putting in job applications for at least some part-time work. I am really enjoying my photography business, but it can be a bit slow at times. If I was guaranteed at least one job a week, we'd be okay believe it or not. I wish business would pick up. I really REALLY enjoy being a photographer. But, I really need to spread my wings a bit, get out there in the working world. I refuse to be one of those wives the sit around while all their children are in school. What's the point? Maybe I will a bit of volunteer work. I hope to start writing again, especially some children's books or short stories. I am excited, too, that I get to go to the gym EVERY day! I miss being in shape. I was a much happier person when I was exercising.
Hopefully this week will be a pleasant week.