Monday, August 10, 2009

Such is my life

What am I to do? School starts next Wednesday for the kids, and I will be alone. Silence in the house. No more cartoons. I am going to miss D and J being around. And then comes the really scary part. I have to start putting in job applications for at least some part-time work. I am really enjoying my photography business, but it can be a bit slow at times. If I was guaranteed at least one job a week, we'd be okay believe it or not. I wish business would pick up. I really REALLY enjoy being a photographer. But, I really need to spread my wings a bit, get out there in the working world. I refuse to be one of those wives the sit around while all their children are in school. What's the point? Maybe I will a bit of volunteer work. I hope to start writing again, especially some children's books or short stories. I am excited, too, that I get to go to the gym EVERY day! I miss being in shape. I was a much happier person when I was exercising.
Hopefully this week will be a pleasant week.

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