Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I think the world of my mother. She is honest, strong, gracious, caring--I could go on and on and on. She is truly the best mom in the world by my standards. Thank you mom for being an incredible, well, mom!
Now I am a mother. On Friday my two kiddos each brought me a potted plant (that they planted of course) and other cute things . However, yesterday my son gave me the most thoughtful gift. An emerald ring because he knows my favorite color is green. Ok, maybe not a real emerald ring, but to me far more priceless than a real one. These little precious moments I live for. Who knew a six-year-old could win me over with a paper ring?

I am so thankful to be D and J's mother. I only hope that I can be as awesome as my mother was to me and my sisters.

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