Thursday, October 7, 2010

My son: He's some kind of wonderful

My seven-year-old son and I had had a rough day on Sunday.  We both ended up in tears, and decided no more yelling and no more bad attitudes.  On Tuesday he cut up some strips of papers, and kept bugging me about how to spell certain words.  I was a bit annoyed by this because he's asking me while I was trying to wash the dishes and experiencing a headache from hell.  He finishes up his writing, goes to his room and spends some time doing whatever.  [side note, he has nothing in his room; he lost all his toys, games, TV, everything due to his bad attitude.  All he has is his kid sized recliner chair for any entertainment purposes]  He asks me to come to his room when I finish, which I do.  In his room he had created a throne for me, hanging two corn necklaces as decorations, snatched two of my books, and also created 'grass' by coloring a piece of paper green.  Next to my throne is his laundry bag, emptied of clothes, and refilled with these strips of paper that the had been working on.  He said they were my fortunes.  I thanked him for my, throne, and he insists I pick a fortune.  So, I reach in the bag and pull out a fortune and it reads "You are fun."  I can't help but smile.  I have the most amazing son in the world.  I am so lucky to have him.  He truly is some kind of wonderful.  By the way, today's fortune said, "I love you."

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Mandy said...

Oh that is sooooo sweet! What a memory!