Thursday, June 4, 2009


On Saturday I went to my cousin's wedding vow renewal ceremony. She and her husband originally got married in the courthouse, so now two years later, had a 'real' wedding ceremony. I not only was a guest, I was their photographer! I must say, those two truly looked in love. You can see it in their faces and little gestures they give one another. The looks that as a witness go, "Awe, look how happy and in love they are. So sweet." I am sure you all know what I am talking about.
I got to see family I haven't seen in years! I got to spend time with my sisters, who I miss daily! I am sometimes jealous that they only live about 30 minutes away from each other. Unlike me, I get to drive about 8 hours, probably closer to 9 hours due to numerous potty breaks and hunger attacks.
It was a long weekend, most hours driving, including (this is the ride back): one instance of driving in the wrong direction; driving over a rock resulting in some very minor damage on the bottom of my jeep; losing sunglasses, turning around to search for sunglasses, searching for sunglasses, then realizing sunglasses were under his butt; two failed attempts at two different restaurants to get an ice cream cone (machines busted); potty breaks, oh so many potty breaks.
When we finally arrived home, my husband had the most awesome meal ready for us. He even did the dishes! I must say, I have an incredible husband.
Anyway, I am leaving you with these two pictures of my cousin and her husband. Enjoy.

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