Sunday, April 5, 2009

crickets, ants, and roaches, oh my!

when we first arrived at our new house, it was infested with crickets. yes, those little boogers where everywhere. they clearly thought they owned the joint. since it is said to be bad luck to kill the little boogers (notice my politeness here, because what is a more appropriate name for the crickets was little *BLEEP,* and i feel like keeping this more PG rated), my husband and i would take turns catching them, and disposing of them outside. i called housing, and they sent out some people to take care of the issue at hand. so, in all technicality, i did not kill them. anyway, so, that problem was solved for a while. five months later, we catch one or two ever so often, in addition to ants in both bathrooms, and a roach that scattered its way across the kitchen counter. so tomorrow, i am calling in the pros. oh yea, those little boogers are all gonna die. yes, they do deserve to live, but not in my house. so PETA can, well they can FUCK IT! (so much for PG, i know).
it's not like i'm killing a dog. i really didn't. i just found the little dog running down our street, called the number on the collar, the previous owners were contacted because the current owners where not reachable, the previous owners agreed to give the dog back to the current owners, but instead, the previous owners gave the dog to the pound, and the little dog was killed off before the current owners could claim him. how do i know all this happened? well, when we got back from christmas break our house had been tagged (graffiti), and the neighbor called the MPs. that neighbor got to talking with my husband and come to find out that it was my neighbor's dog. so, i've decided not to help out little dogs, cats, alligators, hell any stray animal running about.
where was i? oh yes, crickets, ants, and're days are numbered.

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