Friday, April 3, 2009


Well, I didn't post a blog yesterday, so I guess I lost the challenge of posting every day. I have no good excuse, just pure laziness. That seems to be my excuse for everything lately. I have been a bit unmotivated, lazy, blah, if you will. Frankly, it sucks. I used to go to the gym EVERYDAY in Washington, even given the nickname AB Freak. Five months later, after our move to Texas, I have been in the gym maybe 5 times. I occasionally go for a run, only lasting about two miles, and that involves walking as well. I cannot seem to get out of my workout funk. Hell, my life funk. I have two hours to myself a day, the gym is less than 2minutes away, and yet, I can't get off my butt and workout. I don't even leave the computer for the 2 hours unless I have to. I have been in a writer's block too, and I haven't really used my camera for about two weeks (trust me that is quite unusual). I have noticed changes in my body and emotional status. I need to workout. It puts me in a better mood. Obviously, it makes me look better too. The year + that I trained developing a kick ass body has now felt like a big waste in some ways. I no longer have all the results I once had, which I should accept considering I haven't kept up my training regime.
My life is full excuses I tell myself. I have excuses coming out of my ears! I have become one of those people who bitch and complain, but do nothing to fix the problem. I'm not proud of that, but this funk that I am in has just done that to me. So, here's to hoping the funk will pass.

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