Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Run Run Run

As of today, I am officially running again.  I hope to run in (at least) a 5k race no later than December of this year.  It is so hard to get back into running!  The last time I did any major running was in May for the Mudrun.
So, I checked out Runners World online and printed out a training guide for my goal.  Today was an easy run.  I was supposed to run two miles at a 13:27 pace.  Well, I ran my easy run at a 12:00 pace.  Yes, I am saying it took me 12mins. to run a mile, but damnit I ran that mile non stop!  The second mile involved short sprints and walking.  I spent a total of 45 mins. on the treadmill today, and if you don't know, I HATE TREADMILLS!  So this is quite the accomplishment.  Tomorrow is my cross training day, so weight training here I come.  Anyway, I am sore, but I LOVE IT!  Exercise really does get me out of my dumpy moods.
Happy Running All!

*I want to say a big THANK YOU to my cousin Amy for inspiring to get off my fat ass and pick up running again*


Terra H. said...

I wish you well in your endeavor. It's quite an accomplishment to run in a 5k race.

Marathon Mama said...

I am sure your ass is fine...lol. I am glad and warmed by your sweet thanks. I am happy to spread the bug of running, it is one of my most favorite activities. I am a total addict. It sounds like you are on the right track, having a training plan is the best way to go. I LOVE runners world! They have awesome information. I surf their site and I get the magazines in the mail which are also excellent. I don't ever run on a treadmill (cuz I don't have room for one in my house and I don't have a gym membership right now) So all my running is outside. One plus to a treadmill is that you can track exactly what pace you are at every second, which is cool but you don't get the scenery of outside. I have a nike plus thing for my ipod which does a decent job of tracking things, if you already have an ipod the "plus" is pretty cheap about $30. You don't have to buy their special shoes just get a "beanpod" for you shoe.
I will look forward to reading about your future running endeavors.
Hugs and happy running,

Aneta said...

great job!!!!
that is great! running ur first 5k will be awesome. and soon u will become an addict. a running addict. hehe